10 Commuter must-haves for any gal on-the-go!

If you work in a metropolitan city then you understand this and can relate; both morning traffic and crowded public transportation really SUCK but it's something that we have to do in order to get to work in the BIG CITY. (If I could fly to work, I would. That's a thought that comes across my mind every morning.)

If you've been following along, you'll know that I used to live and work in San Francisco. I recently made the move to New York City and if you'd like to know why the heck I did that, I've included my recent post HERE!

Most of my close friends and family know that I am a bag lady everywhere that I go. I like to show up prepared in every sense of the word and that means I'm carrying around a HUGE purse (or 3 bags) with everything imaginable in it like a camera, laptop, extra shoes, 3 sweaters, emergency kits, hangover cures, snacks and more. When I commute in the morning, it's no exception. I'm also still on the hunt for an "all-in-one" purse that can hold all of my bullshit so I don't have to waddle around the subway with a million bags. REGARDLESS, I made a quick list for all my ladies who have to commute and what you should DEFINITELY pack with you! Feel free to comment if you think I should include something else or take something off the list, although I seriously think every girl should have an emergency snack in their bag at all times. So keep reading and check out my list!

1. Reusable travel coffee mug- Get one that won't spill and will keep your coffee hot AF

* my fave: Contigo

2. Small hand sanitizer- Public transportation is absolutely filthy and I'm crazy about germs.

3. Fast Flats- on the go shoes when you have blisters (or pack some bandaids)

4. Roll on perfume & small deodorant- I sweat a lot and I'd rather NOT be that girl that smells on a crowded train.

*my fave: Michael Kors roll on perfume

5. Earplugs (bluetooth wireless)- I say bluetooth wireless headphones because I live my life like a true 90's kid and still have wired headphones and my wires are ALWAYS tangled. *HARD EYE ROLL AT MYSELF*

6. Small cardholder for commuter cards- If you're carrying a huge wallet, it can be a pain in the ass to always take out a brick out of your bag to shuffle and find your transit card. I keep my transit card and work swipe card in a small cardholder style wallet.

7. Emergen-C/ Advil: AKA don't get the flu & don't have the hangover headaches

8. Snacks & mints- in case you're hangry, you're prepared. In case you have a meeting after eating garlic in your lunch pasta, you're prepared.

*my fave: chocolate chip cliff bar

9. Book or fiiiiiire playlist/podcast

*my fave book at the moment: You are a Badass by Jen Sincero

*my fave podcasts: Scrubbing In, My Favorite Murder, Goal Digger

10. Backpack, tote, book bag (depends on your preference)

*I have no faves yet, still on the hunt for an "all inclusive" bag/tote/backpack so I don't carry around 104389403 bags every morning. Any and ALL recommendations are WELCOME!

Hope this helps!