BFD 2018 rocks out with Blink 182

Long live the Bay Area's first music festival ever! LIVE 105 radio station might've rebranded but you can't take away their iconic music festival; BFD. See how the new radio station, ALT 105.3 kept this music festival alive in it's 25th year anniversary (even if it was in a different location).

If you are familiar with radio stations in the San Francisco Bay Area, then the name LIVE 105 is nothing less than iconic. From being the first station to ever play rock and Indie artists like Green Day, LCD Soundsystem, Arctic Monkeys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lorde, The Killers, Muse and so many more! I've said this before but I actually work at that iconic station, which still blows my mind. In 2017 our parent company, CBS sold their Radio division to their direct competitor; Entercom Communications. BTW, this is all public knowledge so don't think I'm just explaining a bunch of insider trading secrets. Long story short, I became an employee of Entercom and we went through a rebrand so LIVE 105 got axed and we are now ALT 105.3. It sounds kinda crazy but this is how the radio business works and so we just went with the punches.

“Attending a rock show is one experience. Planning, coordinating and actually executing the show for thousands of people is something COMPLETELY different."

With that being said, we've held one of the first music festivals in the Bay Area called, BFD. If you're wondering what it stands for, it really means BIG FUCKING DEAL. Yes, actually. So now that we rebranded, we still put on the festival, although in a different location, the show must go on!

Attending a rock show is one experience. Planning, coordinating & executing the show for thousands of people is completely different.

It's crazy to think that just four years ago, I worked my first BFD music festival. At that time, I was just in awe that I was able to work alongside these artists, now I'm helping run the show and that's f*#%ing cool.

If you couldn't tell from the above photo, Blink 182 made an appearance in our Promo Team photo and we're all still in shock that it even happened!

It was definitely a BFD for the books and despite the different location, we still managed to enjoy ourselves with an amazing crew and some seriously talented artists. I wouldn't trade any of these experiences for the world! Thank you #ALT105 #entercom #Blink182 !!!

Also, shout out to James Bay for being a babe. That is all.
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