Blurry Vision Music Festival 2018

Oakland welcomed the first ever, Blurry Vision Music Festival hosted by concert promoter; Goldenvoice this past weekend.

The first ever Blurry Vision Festival presented by concert promoter, Goldenvoice was welcomed by Oakland this past weekend. Although ticket sales for this event were low, the show held strong with it's original lineup. I was only able to attend Saturday evening due to planning my own music festival this same weekend, BFD.

"Middle Harbor Shoreline Park in Oakland is a Bay Area oasis that no one really knew existed."

Let's start with the event itself. I arrived right as Roy Wood$ was finishing up his set and from the looks of it, the set up for the festival was very small. The stage was set to the left of the bay water with views that we absolutely insane considering #KarltheFog was hiding away for the duration of the day. There were no monitors to see the stage and artist performances for any attendees standing towards the back. The beer lines were a bit long but despite having arrived right before the sunset, the location was worth the wait.

Majid Jordan... what happened guys?!

I will be the first person to tell you to catch Majid Jordan on Spotify, Youtube, Instagram... ANYTHING! I'M OBSESSED WITH THESE GUYS AND THEIR MUSIC! But idk what happened on Saturday. Whether it was the sound, the fog chill rolling in, the speakers, maybe they were a bit drunk... I have no idea but the live performance wasn't like their recorded version. As someone who works in the music industry, I will tell you that there's a million different reasons for this but I really don't know what happened. I'd love to see them at their own show and pray that something behind the scenes just went wrong this one day and they sound better live in a different setting. Next up was Brockhampton and having not researched their performances ahead of time, I was pleasantly surprised. They turned TF up! Holy S^%&!!!!! They brought a helicopter on stage and just had more energy on a festival stage than I've seen in awhile. Now despite the fact that they have more of an upbeat tempo to their music may have something to do with it. I read a lot of reviews post Blurry Vision Fest and many of them mentioned that the 'low energy' artists are just not meant to play their music on a festival type setting or have the means of a large label to pay for such a big production and I have to agree.

Lastly was the newest R&B Queen to step into the music game! SZA has been recently added to Kendrick Lamar's Top Dawg Entertainment music label and has been the opening act for his 'The Championship Tour'. It's not a surprise that she was chosen to be the headliner for this festival, what was surprising was that she had just performed in Oakland a few days prior for Kendrick Lamar's tour. Despite the fact that the festival fell on Mother's Day weekend, SZA ABSOLUTELY SLAYED! R&B in 2017 hit a peak with female artists like SZA, H.E.R., Kehlani, Sabrina Claudio, Ravyn Lenae, Jorja Smith, Alina Baraz and Kali Uchis just to name a few. It's incredible to see these break out female artists finally making their way to the festival stages!