Buy the concert tickets and live your best damn life!

Your favorite artist just dropped an INSAAAAAANNNNEEE new album and guess what?!! They're about to go on tour in a few months and making their way to a city near you! But wait.... tickets are worth an arm and a leg, large crowds are nerve racking and who will go with you? Good thing I'm here to help answer some of these questions for you and give you a few tips that newbie concert-goers may not know! (this excludes music festivals, that will be in an entirely different post)

Depending on the type of music that you like, each concert vibe is different than the next. Even if you see the same artist perform in two different cities, the vibe cannot be replicated because the audience and venue are different every single time! Unfortunately my hearing and sometimes my wallet have suffered but I'm going to give you some pretty general tips that I always like to remember when heading out another concert.

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Be thrifty when buying concert tickets

There are a handful of ways to do this. If you have a credit card that allows you pre-access codes to concerts then definitely take advantage of that! Even if you buy the tickets and choose to sell them later for more than you bought them for (HELLOOO EXTRA CASH!)

You can also look on StubHub, GameTime, TicketMaster, AXS or Ticketfly for cheap tickets. I LOVE using Jukely because I'm an avid concert attendee and I'm always on the hunt for new artists to check out! Jukely is a monthly concert subscription for only $25 per month to attend all the shows that you can reserve a spot for! I like to look at my Jukely calendar on Sundays so I can plan my week out for which concerts that I want to attend. Lastly, artists don't have control over those ticket robots that swoop all of the tickets the second they go on sale so don't get upset at the artists for that happening (it's just as frustrating for them too!) Buy your tickets way in advance or get them last minute when the ticket sales drop. Avoid paying service charges by walking directly to the box office of the venue and paying in person.

Pre-game at a local bar near the venue and then drink water during the show

No need to spend an arm and a leg at an arena concert! If you're going to a smaller concert venue then I recommend giving your money to that bar but the big arena concert venues have expensive alcohol tabs. Head to a bar around the corner from the concert venue, they normally have some kind of happy hour-ish deal during a busy event. I will also tell you from experience, don't try to sneak alcohol into the concert venue. It's a freaking mess and your better off just drinking before you go to the event.

Support your favorite band; buy merch & post on social media

You may not know this but smaller artists aren't millionaires yet. Shocked... I know! They do however make majority of their money from their merchandise sales. They receive a percentage from ticket sales after paying out everyone else on tour first (managers, audio, visual, photo etc.) If you have the cash to spend then please support your favorite artist. If you don't have the money, ask if they have a sticker and throw that on your laptop/planner. The least you could do is give them a plug on your social media. If your friends trust your music taste, your favorite band could gain a new fan!

Get the earplugs, your hearing will thank me later!

It's not even funny when I tell you that I completely f*&^ed up my hearing. I think it's all the concerts that did me dirty. I really love my hearing but if you haven't gone to a concert before, you may be in for a surprise. Just get the earplugs! You can still hear the show but you'll save your ear drums for when you need them later in life. If you are at a concert, ask for the 'RockMed' tent and you can get a pair of free earplugs! If you plan to continue attending concerts then you should invest in real earplugs, like nice ones from Eargasm Earplugs!

Eargasm Earplugs
Eargasm Earplugs

If you can, make it a point to go see the opener

Making a successful career in the music industry is very hard and everyone has to start somewhere. Being the opening band is hard because not many people show up early enough to see them BUT if your favorite artist has an opener, more than likely they are compared to that band/artist. If you can, spend the time to see the openers because you never know if they will eventually become your next favorite band. I absolutely LOVE seeing the openers. Maybe that's the hipster in me when I'm on the hunt for new music, new emerging artist.

Bring a portable charger but don't watch the entire show from the screen of your phone either

So you want to record the concert from your phone, we get it.... but don't record the whole effing thing. Artists hate that shit too when they are just performing for your snapchats/instagram stories. I recommend recording your favorite song and the last song. Enjoy the actual show, be in the moment but also make sure you have a portable charger in order to get home safely. You may need to call an uber, get directions, call your friends who ran off to flirt with some guy... shit IDK.

Portable Chargers

Concert etiquette is a real thing so be nice to your neighbors

Be nice to the people around you. If you're at a smaller venue and it's General Admission standing only, don't be a dick and push the people around you. Hold down the fort of where you are standing with your friends but also know you may get pushed around. Just keep your wallet and phone close to you, people are more likely to steal your stuff when you're corralled like livestock. If you're mean to the people around you, they will know you're a newbie and literally fight you to get closer to the stage. It's a thing, you've been warned.