New trend alert!

New trend (to my own closet) alert is this amazing calf-length jumpsuit!

Calf-length jumpsuits are the newest spring trend alert that can be an easy transition into summer and fall fashion. I recently purchased my own and I have to say that I'm completely obsessed! WHY? Well... I'm a shortie. I stand tall at 5'1" and I have little to no shape to my body. I'm not body shaming myself, I'm just saying that I'm not a curvy girl. Every woman has a different body shape and mine is just a rectangle. I've come to know how to shop for my body shape and jumpsuits & rompers are the best! I am short and I don't have curves so in order to create curves, hide my muffin top and small bust with my short height, this trend is the best. Rompers show off my legs and pant jumpsuits accentuate my waist.

I LOVE jumpsuits and I LOVE that this trend is in right now and doesn't seem to be going away any time soon.

You can look put together with just one piece of clothing instead of taking the time to coordinate an entire outfit. This trend is also not just for all millennials, but it looks great on any women of any age! I purchased my jumpsuit & sweater at Ambiance in San Francisco and got my shoes are from Forever 21!

Here are some calf-length jumpsuits to check out & these are all about $20!