Find your Tribe

Moving to a new place is scary. Trust me, I get it. No one fully warns you on what you're about to endure because your journey is different than everyone else's. You also can't really replicate your inner circle when you move to a new place aka your TRIBE. I'd like to think of my tribe as my family and closest friends. I will never replace them but it does make any transition easier when you have a shoulder to cry on or some friends telling you everything will be okay.

I moved to New York City 5 months ago and I can confidently tell you I am now starting to feel like I'm making a tribe for myself. I moved into an apartment in Brooklyn, I get along with my 3 guy roommates (and the house cat, Buster) landed a full-time job in Manhattan, met an incredible guy who texts me back (what a concept) and I joined a great blogger community! I met some amazing girl bosses through the NYC blogging community who have now turned into some great friends. Honestly, there have been some CRAZY up's and down's in the last few months that have made me question everything but it's my journey.

Speaking of my blogger babes, it's so crazy to think that all the strong women in my girl tribe ALL moved to New York City from somewhere else. We ALL came here for a journey of our own because we knew there was more to life than the life we were previously living. None of us moved here having friends or family in the big apple, yet we left the comfort of amazing friends and family back home. How crazy is that? Not crazy in the sense that we all moved to NY because that happens all the time. It's crazy that we all found each other during a time to self-discovery.

I unfortunately did not spending Thanksgiving with my family in California this year. We've never really done a big dinner thing that day anyway but it's so nice to spend time with my girls for Friendsgiving. It makes me feel like my move to NY wasn't for nothing and I'm finally starting to grow roots on the east coast. For that, I'm thankful of my journey and my tribe. Keep kickin' ass and taking names because I have a feeling that big things are around the corner for all of us!