Hey Toto, I don't think we're in Cali anymore

According to my boyfriend, I look like a new age Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz and TBH, I'm not even mad about it!

Well people, it's official. I experienced my very first snow fall in New York for one day about two weeks ago and seriously wasn't prepared haha (is anyone even surprised by that?)

Of course I'm going to tie this back into how this has something to do with my life as a whole because... welp... that's what I do. So I really thought that the fall season would've lasted longer than 2.5 seconds. It was so pretty with the crunchy leaves and the beautiful sunsets ad Central Park... HOLY SHIT! But, nope... it was gone. I definitely thought I'd have some time to prepare before buying some snow apparel, my first pair of snow boots ever! It sounds really silly but I've never had to think about shoveling snow in my life. We would just travel from the Bay Area up to Lake Tahoe to visit the snow for a weekend and then head home.

Not going to lie here, the actual snow storm freaked me the hell out and I also realized I've never seen snow fall, like actual snow falling from the sky. I felt so out of my element and didn't even know what to do first. I was not prepared.

The following photos are the last moments I had to experience the fall season! It was about 22 degrees outside and I definitely came home with a cold that lasted about a week. Less than 24 hours later, New York City was covered in a white blanket! It was definitely one of the coolest things I've ever seen but I've heard horror stories about falling down the side walk, accidentally jumping into a puddle up to your knees on the curb, shoveling snow, salt on the streets and below zero weather.

My friends and family kept mentioning how much I'd hate the snow but I think I just hate not being prepared. I'm a planner and I was so mad at myself for not having the right gear for snow but life throws us curveballs all the damn time that we can't prepare for at all. Lesson learned, kinda.

So... I'm Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. Not just because I'm wearing the cutest red shoes but because I'm trying to find my way.

Did Dorothy even know what she got herself into when she landed in the magical world of Oz? NO! She would've never agreed to helping all those random people find a heart, courage and a brain if it wasn't going to help her find a way home. While she was helping others out, she realized that she was the one who needed help along the way to find her heart, courage and brain. I get it's a cheesy reference but it has some realness to it! Hear me out...

My boyfriend was right, I'm Dorothy. I'm trying to find my way while helping other people and discovering more about what I was looking in life this entire time. Home, for some people isn't a place, it can be anything! I've always had this weird urge to move to New York since I was a kid even having never traveled here. After my first visit about 2 years ago, I knew right off the bat that I had to be here. It was drawing me in and I have no clue why. Some people can relate and others may think I'm nuts but for now, this is the place that I call home. That weird void that I was trying to fill in my life for being homesick and it was right here in New York City. I still have no clue what life has in store for me in the big apple but I'm loving the new adventures, the amazing people, the FOOD, the sights and the snow (despite it being a little scary!)

My blogging community definitely grew too while being here. Who knew there were so many amazing people in this community that moved to NYC around the same time that I did? It's super cool and definitely helps me feel a little less intimidated about this big city.

So cheers to you finding your way home through helping other people in any way, shape or form. Even if that means trying something a little scary, you'll figure out your yellow brick road/ path to prepare and get there on your own terms.

Outfit details

Shoes: Bubblegum Shoes

Tights: Kohl's

Skirt: Forever 21

Top: Forever 21

Fur Coat: Zara

Hat: Forever 21

Scarf: Nordstrom