Holiday Gift Guide: for the new man in your life

So you just started dating someone during cuffing season, CONGRATS! But you can't just NOT get him a gift but it's still so new but you do need to get him SOMETHING! So where do you even start?

Here are some of my ideas... (and don't get a gift card! That's so impersonal... c'mon!)

For the guy who has that super sexy 5 o'clock shadow:

It's a subscription for grooming products for men. Beard gel, hair mouse, shaving cream, razors etc. that are made well instead of gross cheap ones that MOST men buy.

(Some guy at work told me he was putting olive oil on his 'no shave November' beard and I almost threw up.)

For the guy who's a music junkie:

For the guy who loves spontaneous adventures:
  • Get an experience! Get a pair of tickets to his favorite concert in 2019 or a sports game! I use the app Gametime for cheap last minute baseball tickets, I've never paid more than $20 for a ticket. When I lived in SF, I bought Giants tickets for like $2!

  • Groupon an activity to do together: paint night, pasta making class, etc.

For the guy who's always on the go:

Honestly, I think these are the most practical gifts on the list. Guys will never buy this S&%^ for themselves and just carry around their backpack for a weekend trip or a grocery bag of their toiletries when they spend the night at your place (*eye roll*) None of these are that expensive at all and these are all so get them a weekend-er bag and hint to plan a trip in the future! The portable charger is my favorite because it's a practical gift for ANYONE.

For the guy who loves to drink:

I'm a drinker and I love these gifts!!! Even if you needed an idea to get a guy in your family or something for a white elephant gift, I love this idea. Don't get just a bottle of alcohol, make sure to pair it with something that someone would never buy for themselves. The whiskey stone link that I attached has them for around $6 and they can be customized!

For the guys who says he doesn't like gifts:
  • Treat yourself while treating your man... plan a couples spa day. It's a win/win because you get a spa day too (I also buy these on Groupon because they always have a couples price.

  • Cologne! I know when a guy walks by me and smells amazing, I just stop and stare. It's no secret that a good smelling man makes him more attractive. Check out Guy Fox for a sample box in case you're indecisive, like myself.

Let me know if you have any awesome gift ideas for the new man in your life! I KNOW I love bouncing ideas off of others but I hope this list gives you a good starting place!

Happy Holidays!