Humid hair is no match for LATHER!

Yes people, I found the freaking cure to that nasty humid hair that I've been bitching about for the last few months; LATHER!

YOU GUYS!!!!!!!! Nothing could prepare this California girl for the humidity of a true New York City summer. People warned me about it for months but I really thought I could handle it. I knew I would be a bit sweaty and the humidity I experienced last year around this time in New Orleans for my birthday was gross AF so I thought I could do it.... WRONG! The heat definitely cleared up my pores pretty well but my hair took a freaking beating for the worst. If you follow me on Instagram, then you would've probably seen my stories abut how I just gave up on giving any shits about my hair. I would blow dry it and the poof would just end up tangled! Then I would try to curl it so it became a "messy up-do" but OOOOHHH NO! It was worse! My ends were looking so fried and dead and I would put so much conditioner in my hair just to tame it. Just as I was about to chop off all of my hair for good (don't worry, I won't do that to myself again) I tried Lather's hair products; Avocado Mint Hair Repair & Mint Thyme Hair Wash.

I washed my hair every other day with the Mint Thyme Hair Wash & then I used the Avocado Mint Hair Repair about 3 times in one week. It said to use it 1-2 times in a week but I seriously felt like my hair was a goner so I amped the usage (oops). After 1 wash with the Hair Repair I felt a difference after I blow dried my hair. I'm being 150% honest with you that this HELPED my hair with the humidity.

As I'm in the shower, I wash my hair with the Mint Thyme Hair Wash & then leave the Avocado Hair Repair in my hair for 3-5 minutes to sit and soak. Last few times, I just shave my legs and get all of that finished and then wash out the hair mask haha It's my own shower routine that works for me, it could work for you too or you could do something different.

The first picture is after blow drying and curling my hair (without the hair repair) The last 2 pictures are taken after using the Avocado Hair Repair that morning and then blow drying & curling my hair. I kid you not, it was like day and night! TAKE THAT HUMIDITY!

Now that the NYC summer has come and gone doesn't mean I don't need a little hair 'pick-me-up' and these Lather products are perfect for traveling. I always grab a face mask and teeth whitening with me when I'm on the go and I will definitely be adding this to the mix of travel essentials! Our hair takes a beating during travel especially on a long flight so why not give it a quick hair repair?

Some other amazing things to note about this awesome brand is that this is a California based company owned and run by all women. YASSS GIRL YASSS! Also, none of their products are tested on animals. Seriously, this is something we should all be supporting!

This all may sound super cheesy but I tried so much freaking products on my hair and I really loved the way my hair felt after using the avocado mint hair repair. The hair wash was awesome but I feel like the hair repair was the one that really did the trick. So for all my millennial ladies out there who don't want to buy another avocado toast, throw that avo in your hair and thank me later with that Lather Hair Repair!

BTW how cute is their packaging?! Like seriously! Thanks to Join Palm for the awesome product!