Mixtape Monday 1/28/19

I'd be lying if I didn't say that I got lazy and busy and tired every now and again. It's definitely a problem that I have in order to have consistency with my writing, blogging etc. I get burnt out. We all do! The last few weeks were definitely no excuse so that's on me but guess what?! We dust ourselves off and pick off where we left off so... HERE WE GO!

This week I have a fun selection of music for your ears! Some oldies but goodies FOR SURE!

Maybe these are new for you and if so, WOOOHOOO YOU'RE WELCOME! If they are oldies, than send over some song recs you have for me! I absolutely LOVE when people send me new music to listen too.

Album: Heard It In A Past Life by Maggie Rogers

First up is the indie queen of the century; Maggie Rogers. Every single article you will ever read about this girl will talk about the viral video of Rogers as an NYU student, playing her original song, Alaska for Pharrell Williams and watching his visible reaction. It's honestly mind blowing. I love when people describe some vocals as haunting because that type of voice will linger and hit your bones at certain chords. Maggie Rogers is that voice and I'm living for it. Her first studio album came out on January 18th and with some mixed reviews from other music journalists but I'll tell you in my own opinion, this is an album that I was already excited for and it exceeded my initial expectations. I'm obsessed with this album and I've been playing it on repeat. Also notable is her Spotify acoustic recorded version of Light On because it's absolutely breathtaking. Like I said... I'm FREAKING LIVING FOR IT! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maggie_Rogers

Song: Despicable by grandson

Jordan Edward Benjamin also known as grandson is new to the music scene but definitely taking the industry by storm! Most recently in 2018, he was signed by Fueled By Ramen music label best known for their heavy hitting American rock artist roster. The origin of the stage name grandson is a tribute to the artists grandfather who passed away as he was making his career in the industry. grandson is best known for "politically charged lyrics" over some heavy rock beats which is exactly what this generation needs in music.

It's no surprise that I first heard of grandson a little over a year ago from my old boss, Aaron Axelsen at LIVE 105 radio station. He played the song that pushed grandson to fame, Blood // Water. The song is seriously a freaking banger that you just can't help but dance too. This is one of my top songs being played on my workout playlist haha, but seriously. My favorite song is Despicable and after seeing him perform live, I knew I was an instant fan! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grandson_(musician)

Song: Blue Lips by Bear Hands feat. Ursula Rose

Last but definitely not least, one of my favorite indie bands Bear Hands is back at it and making new music! My favorite album of theirs, Distraction came out in 2014 and then in 2016 the album You'll Pay For This was released. The band went pretty cold after this and then announced one of their founding members of the band, Ted Feldman was parting ways. The band has also announced that they will be opening up for WALK THE MOON next week in Connecticut, does this mean we will be getting a studio album coming up? WE CAN ONLY HOPE AND CROSS OUR FINGERS! (That's me screaming for more new music, yes!)


In conclusion, this music is not brand spanking new but it may be new to you so please take a listen, find a new favorite, send me recommendations because I need to fill my ears with new stuff!

Until next time.....

xoxo, Kas