Mixtape Monday 11/19/18

Hi Hi Hi! In order for my life to have some form of consistency in it... I want to share this new series of posts called Mixtape Monday where I let you know about some artists/bands/new music that I'm TOTALLY loving right now. I will keep it to 3 so I don't overwhelm you OR myself. I tend to get ahead of myself vvvvvvvvv quickly so here goes nothing!

Album: Oxnard by Anderson. Paak

Anderson.Paak brings to life this new genre of music we like to alternative hip-hop and I'm LIVING for it! Imagine an upbeat R&B with a full band and good vibes. Welcome to the world of Alt Hip-Hop or Alt R&B!

Brandon Paak Anderson of Oxnard, CA in Southern California always had music in his soul. From singing with his family in church to becoming a music teacher, growing to a drummer for American Idol contestants and more recently, becoming discovered by Dr. Dre. Which for some of you who may or may not know, is the biggest accomplishment for any hip-hop aspiring musician (ask Eminem if you don't believe me) Anderson. Paak dropped the album; Oxnard on Friday, Nov. 16 and I have to tell you that this might be my favorite album of the year! Much like Chance the Rapper or Kendrick Lamar, Paak is finding himself grouped with other artists like himself that are sending positive back to their own communities. It's not only inspiring but much needed. I honestly could go on and on (btw his live shows are jaw dropping and nothing less than INCREDIBLE!) but take a listen for yourself!

Song: Never Too Late by Olivia Nelson

London based R&B singing, Olivia Nelson is someone I randomly found on Spotify and I swear to you right now... she's going to be a big deal! She gives me some serious Jorja Smith vibes with a dancy beat undertone. I've been listening to this track; Never Too Late on repeat since I found it. Not much else is found on the internet about this vvvv up & coming artist so if the internet works like I want it too; PLEASE PUT MORE MUSIC OUT IN THE WORLD, OLIVIA!!!

Song: Mess by Chelsea Cutler

Okay, honestly her recent album; Sleeping With Roses II came out on November 9th and I've been listening to it on repeat ever since. My favorite song is Mess but the entire album is definitely worth a listen too! It's everything I needed for the current mood I was feeling; melancholy and nostalgic. (I feel like I'm always in a mood like that haha) You may recognize her vocals from the song Flare Guns by Quinn XCII. She recently went on tour with him earlier this year and will continue on her own tour into 2019. Keep listening up for this one! She's written music & lent out her vocals for Louis the Child, ayokay and Chet Porter.

So there you have it! My 3 faves at the moment to start your week off right instead of dreading Monday's. Let's try something new and make the beginning of your work week awesome. It's all a mindset anyway and if you start to think Monday is cool with something to look forward too (like new music) maybe Monday's won't be the bain of anyone's existence. Just my random rants as I write this looking forward to posting on Monday! WOOHOO!