Mixtape Monday 11/26/18

Welcome back to another Mixtape Monday where I share some of my favorite bands/artists/albums/songs at the moment. Other than the fact that Christmas is definitely upon the horizon, I thought I'd steer away from the holiday music and keep it real with some of my other favorite tunes at the moment.

Song: Taste of You by Allen Stone, Jamie Lidell

I've been such a fan of Allen Stone since back in 2013 when I stumbled upon his soulful pop sound. Like c'mon, thats right up my alley! He's undeniably talented and yet I still feel like there are so many people that don't know his name. His new tune, "Taste of You" which came out back in October is a bit more on the pop side than the slowed down soul we know from Allen Stone. It's one of those songs that will immediately put you in a better mood just by having it on your Monday morning commute playlist (ohh yeah, you're welcome *wink wink*) Take a listen for yourself and also spread the word! He's so awesome and people need to know :)


The duo that make up the band FRENSHIP are James Sunderland and Brett Hite. Their song "Capsize" became a huge hit with the vocals sung by Emily Warren which is where you may have heard their name. I'd probably describe their music as indie beach vibes with a hint of pop music and lyrics that will stick with you for years to come. This song is new-ish but I just discovered it and it's been on my playlist for the past few weeks so I'm glad I finally get to add it to the Mixtape Monday playlist! Check them out on tour in 2019 with support from Yoke Lore who I'm sure will end up making the Mixtape Monday playlist soon.

Song: Parents House by Kid Bloom

This song got a lot of attention after being played on L.A.'s alternative radio station, KROQ and since the boys of Kid Bloom are Southern California natives, it blew up! (in a good way) By that I mean, it had millions of streams online. I'm such a fan of indie- pop-rock bands like this and I seriously cannot wait for more music from these guys.