Mixtape Monday 12/3/18

Third time's a charm and ya girl is now showing some consistency! (still working on the gym consistency but it's neither here NOR there) Christmas music is in full force but no need to get into that because you'll hear it everywhere you go. Let's listen to some indie pop *YAY!*

Song: Vultures by Lido

Thanks to one of my besties for being the biggest LIDO fan known to mankind. This producer, songwriter and recording artist has definitely earned music cred after working directly with other artists like Bastille, Banks, Chance the Rapper and Alt-J! I love this song because the beat is dope AF. Also... WHO ELSE KNEW LIDO HAS THE VOICE OF AN R&B ANGEL SENT FROM HEAVEN ABOVE? (don't worry Angeline, he's still all yours) I truly want to be like Ursula from The Little Mermaid and stick his voice in a little necklace and keep it for myself. Sounds creepy but we're all friends here, right?

IDK why more people don't know about this man. Truly talented and everyone needs to add this song and the rest of the his part 2 concept studio album; it wasn't a full album just a clip of one big album hopefully to come out soon?

Song: I'll Still Have Me by CYN, Aquilo

Let's first start out by telling you guys about CYN, the playful, cute and flirty vocals from this new up and comer to the music industry. She is currently signed to Katy Perry's imprint label; Unsub Records and her vocals are so whimsical that just float above the slow violin and piano keys. It's like your little indie lullaby song. Aquilo are a British duo made up of Tom Higham and Ben Fletcher who make electronic pop songs about sadness and heartbreak (I'm a sucker for a good sad girl song... always) No wonder I'm such a fan haha They are very much making waves in the indie scene especially after signing to Island Records.The epic collab between the 3 artists was honestly a match made in heaven and I'm totally vibing with it!

Song: Happier by Koni, Andrea Hamilton

2018 Summer anthem: Happier by Marshmello & Bastille. Fight me on that, I don't care... that song will forever remind me of my first few months moving to NYC this summer. I love it so much with a passion in my heart and it won't get old. Now let's add the styling of female vocals and a but more upbeat, less bass production and here you have the cover of Happier. No lies... I'm a fan! There have been a number of remixes that came out after the original Happier song came out and took the charts by fire, seriously its been number 1 on the ALT charts for weeks. All of the remixes have been ehhh... but this one stuck out. Maybe it's because it has more of an indie vibe and less EDM, trap to it and I'm digging that more. IDK, you be the judge.

That's all she wrote for this week. Stay up to date on all my new posts by signing up for the newsletter BELOW! If you have any suggestions, feel free to email me or comment below! I'm a sucker for new music, undiscovered artists and good vibes or sad ones apparently. Until next week's Mixtape Monday... SEE YA!