Mixtape Monday 2/11/19




We're back, we're back, we are BACK with another Mixtape Monday where I give you some of my favorite songs, artists, albums that I've been vibing to this past week so you too can vibe along with me! Some new music, some new artists to me and just all around good times.

Song: In Case I Don't Feel by Kevin Garrett

First up, Kevin Garrett! I'll preach about listening to Kevin Garrett all day long. He has been on my top listened to artists for the last 3 years and I love it because I love him. His voice is so freaking good, it doesn't even match his visual aesthetic and maybe that's why I love it? I just obsess over sad love songs with an R&B vibe and angelic male vocals that can hit in a tenor range. If you don't know WTF I'm saying, just take a listen for yourself and then come back and chat with me. In his personal life, he has been dating Grammy award winning artist, Alessia Cara and although I am genuinely rooting for them. BUT I need Kevin Garrett to get the recognition of glowing up as much as she has in the music industry unless he wants to stay as a song-writer than that's cool too. In his own right, he was ghost writing for Beyonce's Lemonade album which made him a Grammy Award winning song-writer, if you look at it like that. REGARDLESS, I love him and I really want you to love him too. His music is so beautiful and it seriously hits me in my soul. He recently came out with not one but TWO new songs on Spotify which makes me think he's teasing for a studio album and if that's the case then a tour will be coming soon too? Both songs are vvvvvv on brand with his previous singles that he's put out into the world. In Case I Don't Feel also has a remix by the band Great Good Fine Ok which is ANOTHER ONE OF MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE BANDS!

Song: Heartburn by Wafia, Jarami Remix

Electronic R&B has a new artist to add to the mix and her name is Wafia. The singer, song-writer hails from the Netherlands and bring her whimsical vocals to songs that I'm sure you've heard before like Better Not by Louis the Child and Love Somebody by Ta-Ku. This remix of Heartburn is not new, I've just been listening to it on repeat for the last 2 weeks and wanted to share it so that I can add it to my Mixtape Monday playlist on Spotify. Wafia broke through the music scene back in 2015 with her Soundcloud gaining some serious momentum and then sparking interest with vvvvv well known producers and DJ's. I can tell you that this will NOT be the last that you'll hear from Wafia. UHHMMMM also can we please just acknowledge a women breaking into the music industry is hard AF already so props to you BOO for creating some serious waves!


Song: Silence by Marco McKinnis

First off, dude sounds like Miguel without being overly sexual. Don't get me wrong, sometimes I'm in the mood for Miguel but other times, I just wana vibe to some cool R&B that sounds nostalgic to a 90's vibe I've heard in a past life. hahaha No seriously, this song sounds like an updated version of something Jon B. created back in the early 2000's. I've never tried to hide my live for R&B because that's my whole heart but this song just belongs in my life playlist and I honestly can't get enough. Background on Marco, he had an EP called Underground that came out last August after doing some amazing collabs with DJDS, Chaz French and Rex Orange County. He's looking at moving away from being underground and move towards the limelight in the music industry. Dude is seriously fire and thank me later for finding him for ya! lol


and until next time Fam, enjoy these tunes!

xoxo, Kas