Mixtape Monday 3/18/19




Heyyooo! Another Mixtape Monday coming to you live from a New York City airport as I get distracted by people watching (as per usual). These songs are not new, these artists are pop indie fun and I hope you'll become a fan too because they are good!

Song: Talk by Khalid, Disclosure

First up, Khalid! It's no surprise that I'm a fan of Khalid's smooth R&B/pop sounding vocals because that's just the bread and butter of the type of music that makes me fall in LOVE. Sounds so silly but that's what music does for me. Now this newer song, Talk is so identifying as a Disclosure track by the first few beats. The song has such a sexy, slow beat that's perfectly made for Khalid's voice. I wouldn't want anyone else on this track for male vocals, I would however love a duet version of this with some female vocals... ahhh could you imagine?! This song is not a hype song, just a montage of a summer that you once had. Also the lyrics are vvvv much about that weird limbo relationship that millenials find themselves in and I'm living for it. Background story real quick, Khalid is from El Paso, TX which is not poppin in the R&B vocalist but here we have little baby Khalid. Literally, he just turned 21 not too long ago and has already earned a Grammy and worked with some of the most notable artists in the music industry in last 3 years! Definitely not the last time that you'll hear his music on my page.

Artist: AllttA

The rap duo group AllttA stands for A little lower than the Angels is made up of French producer, 20syl also known as Sylvain Richard and American West Coast Rapper, Mr. J Medeiros also known as Jason Christopher Medeiros. I stumbled upon these guys from w co-worker of mine who thought I might enjoy their music and I was pleasantly surprised.

Not many articles written about these guys so hopefully I can sit down and chat with them soon about the way they have chosen to make music together. I love how Mr. J pushes vocals are nostalgic of REAL RAP, REAL LYRICS, REAL RHYMES and OVERALL REALNESS. None of that mumble rap BS that we hear on the radio today and again... I'm living for it! This duo reminds me of something like Masego and FKJ worked on Tadow together. I'm craving more from this duo. My few faves are: Under the Water & The Woods!


Song: Loving by Surfaces

This song!!!! Guys, this band is summer vibes 24/7 and this song is easy listening. The Texas band Surfaces is made up of Forrest Frank, Colin Padalecki & Alexa Padalecki. Their R&B/soul feel sounds like an album from another generation. I love the simple tune and the whimsical vocals of Alexa compared to the male vocals. The lyrics are simple and remind me of an old Motown group. You can thank me later because after a listen, you'll definitely be a fan too! http://www.surfacesmusic.com/#about-us

and until next time Fam, enjoy these tunes!

xoxo, Kas