Mixtape Monday 4/20/20

Heyyooo! Another Mixtape Monday coming to you live from New York City right from my boyfriend's couch as we sit here in quarantine. It's hard to remain motivated and it's hard stay on track during this weird time in life but I'm trying, we're all trying. So in honor of getting back on my bullshit, which seems to be the theme of my entire life, let's kick off this Monday with some new music. The music this week is a "vibe" and I like to listen to this while I cook, clean and do some work.

Let me know if you know of any new, indie, up and coming artists to highlight as well.

Song: I'm Ready by Sam Smith & Demi Lovato

First up are the ladies, Sam Smith and Demi Lovato. Let me start by saying I will forever and for always stan Sam Smith. That soothing R&B voice just hits my heartstrings like no one else. Demi Lovato coming in hot with a huge comeback from rehab that we can't stop mentioning. It's impressive enough that she has a set of lungs to belt out the way she does but the fact that she is also tackling her mental health issues in the spotlight is nothing short of heroic. It doesn't go unnoticed that this duo has some incredible music chemistry that transcends beyond this song alone (maybe we can get some covers of popular songs from them!!) This song is the newest single on Sam Smith's third studio album with a release date originally set for May 1st but it quickly got pushed back due to "this weird, upsetting and unprecedented time."



Song: Nightrider by Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes feat. Freddie Gibbs

English producer and musician Tom Misch who came onto my radar around 2016 with the single Crazy Dream feat. Loyle Carner and 2017 with the single, South of the River. Most notably, dropping his album in 2018 called Geography which resulted in gaining lots of industry buzz around the incredible production from Misch. The newest single, Nightrider dropped in the midst of this worldwide pandemic as a single to introduce the trio's newest collaborative album, What Kinda Music. His soothing jazzy, indie R&B vibes are just up my alley. There's no doubt that you'll be hearing new music from... literally this week!!! https://bit.ly/3aiPRXd


Song: Window by Still Woozy

My fellow Bay Area native hailing from Oakland, CA started making music right out of his garage. The funky, indie vibes from this artist has been said to only hit home to EP's and singles rather than being ready for a full studio album. Sven (Still Woozy) has been said to make a song and then release it the next day as to not sit and overthink about the song for too long. My first taste of his music was the single Goodie Bag released in 2017. The album cover was so dope and different that it gave me a full picture of him as an artist, not just a musician. I fell in love and couldn't get enough of his music. Still have yet to see him live but still craving more music. He's definitely an artist to keep on your lookout as the industry begins to grow in a different way.



and until next time Fam, enjoy these tunes!

xoxo, Kas