Self-care, what that really looks like

No I didn't go to school for psychology, no I'm not professionally trained in telling you how to fix your life. I'm a blogger LMAO. I'm telling you how I did something for myself in hopes that it can help you out. That's why I blog! I don't blog because I want free swag (although it is vvvv cool) or to be a famous Kardashian beauty influencer with fake plumped lips but I do want to show you my struggle so you can look back at it and be like, "Since Kastania f&%^ed up doing that one thing, I should probably try something different or take her advice".

So I have struggled my entire life with my managing my time. I tend to make myself busy in order to distract myself from other worries in my life. I know this about myself, it's both a blessing and a curse but it's me.

When I was growing up, I never wanted to be home so I would overextend myself in after school activities so I didn't have to go home i.e. choir, drama, dance classes, volleyball, volunteering, working multiple jobs etc. I've continued this busted version of time management/juggling session into my adulthood. I would put so much on my plate because I was lost but then I would burn myself out in the end. So I'm learning some self care in my life. Maybe that's the millennial in me or the laid back California lifestyle but sometime we as humans need a bit of a break to recharge and get back to the grind with a clear mindset.

I took this more serious last year when I was working 2 part time jobs in San Francisco and commuting over an hour to both places. I was so stressed and overly tired that I passed out behind the bar at work, literally dropped to the floor and had to go home. I was in bed for a full week because of pure exhaustion. Like I didn't leave my actual bed AT ALL! After that I was like, "OK Kas, get your shit together and make time for YOU!"

10 self-care tips (rule of thumb- plan ahead!)

- Take one night per week to stay in by yourself and make that apart of your routine.

On most Thursday's, I stay in. I pour a glass of wine, face mask, whiten my teeth, turn my phone off for a an hour and Netflix alone because I need space away from people.

New York is known for it's hustle and bustle but sometimes I'm tired and don't want to see people. It's like "go time" all the time and I just want to rest my anxiety by being ALONE.

- Schedule a massage- even if it's a month in advance or a spa day?

Scheduling a massage is not part of my To-Do List but it should be. Just once a month, get on Groupon and spoil yourself with a $15 massage. Don't go to Starbucks once or twice during the weekday and REALLY treat yourself! If you schedule the appointment in advance, you're more likely to go or at least I know that I think like that!


Since taking a larrrrrrge pay cut in my career, I had to cut out a lot of luxuries in my life. One being Mani-Pedi's but you will never see my nails looking ratchet so I take the time to do my nails once a week before the work week. It really does make you feel better!

-Go on a hike. Take a walk outside once a day. Endorphins and vitamin C are good for you!

Pshhh I always think of Legally Blonde when I'm feeling down. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands and if I'm sad, I just need to exercise even when I don't want too. It will make your body feel good regardless.

-Get a haircut or take a trip to the blow bar

A haircut, even just a trim makes the world of difference. No need for anything dramatic and if you're looking for something budget friendly, go to your nearest cosmetology school and your haircut it suuuuuuper discounted or Groupon (lmao I'm a big fan of Groupon if you couldn't already tell)

-Plan a getaway

This one is a little more thought out. You need to budget accordingly and just bite the bullet and buy the plane ticket first. Seriously, everyone needs a vacation. I seriously HATE when people use the "I haven't taken a vacation day in years!" No that's not impressive, that's cruel to your self worth and your mental stability. You need a day off and you need to respect your body. Even if it's a weekend trip out of the city or away from your house.

-Puppy-sit during the weekend. Yes puppies make me happy :)

So I signed up for and you can too! Puppy sit some adorable furry friends or watch your friends dogs. I absolutely love how happy dogs are when they see you and now you won't make the mistake of accidentally buying your own dog with all of that responsibility. Unless you want one, then I say, DO IT!


I'm not new to doing yoga, I just recently started incorporating it into my daily routine. I'll do a quick 15 min yoga session on Youtube before bed. Or if I know I'm spending the night at my boyfriend's place, I'll do my 15 min yoga sesh in the morning (I know he won't do yoga with me and I'm trying to find consistency)

-Set an alarm for bed time.

I have an alarm that goes off every night at 11:30pm reminding me to go to bed. Of all the articles you'll read about self care, it will tell you that you need sleep. Realistically, no one is getting 8 hours of sleep consistently every single night, unless you're 6 years old. So try your hardest to set limitations in your daily life.

- Drink water!

Everyone tells you to just try and drink a gallon of water a day. I used to be a bartender and I did NOT have time to be peeing every 30 minutes. So just try and pay attention to drinking more water daily.

That's all from me folk, if you have any more suggestions, hit a girl up!

Until next time..

xoxo, Kas