Top 10 Ways to Get Ready for the Fall Season!

As we say goodbye to Summer and hello to Fall, let's get excited about the things you have in store for the next few months. Summer is definitely my favorite season because I love the beach BUT I love waking up to the smell of a crisp Fall day.

Also a huge shout out to Sean for sitting next to me as I busted out this blog post just in time for the first days of Fall! So buckle up for the pumpkin spiced, fall foliage, soup recipes that you've all been waiting for!!!

Top 10 Ways to Get Ready for the Fall Season!

  1. Pumpkin Spiced Lattes are so 2017 and OUT. Cold-brew pumpkin coffee is very 2019 and IN (although Sean hates the pumpkin cold-brew) One thing to note on these drinks from Starbucks is that if you are lactose intolerant, like myself, you MOST DEFINITELY cannot enjoy this drink with your basic friends. It's made of cream and you cannot sub it out for soy milk. *guess you need to make one of these at home*

2. Pumking beer, hot apple ciders, hot toddies. What says fall more than pumpkin beer and hot apple drinks?! Sean's favorite fall beer is Pumking Beer by Southern Tier Brewing Co. I'm obsessed with a good Crock-pot hot apple cider party hosting! Let me know in the comments if you have any other Fall favorite drinks to share!

3. Apple picking on the East coast, pumpkin patches on the West coast. I've lived my entire life on the west coast and apple picking was never a big thing. Maybe we didn't have a plethora of apple farms? We did, however, have a ton of pumpkin patches that popped up around mid-September. We would ride on the tractor, walk through the "haunted" corn maze and grab a pumpkin to carve for later. Apple picking on the other hand is a damn spectacle on the East coast. You drive 30-40 minutes outside of the city and there are miles and miles of apple trees to pick from. You can even get a bottle of rose while walking around picking apples!

4. Gluten-Free Pumpkin Pancakes from Trader Joe’s So my co-worker was raving about these pancakes and who would've thought they'd be sooooooo gooood! As of recently, I am no longer able to eat gluten (don't have celiac, I've been highly advised to stay as far away from this as possible!) With that being said, it's been a huge learning curve on what I can and cannot eat. But these damn pancakes are addicting. If you go all out with some pumpkin products, let this be one of them and thank me later.

5. Sherpa Jackets, sweaters, flannels & boots! I wouldn't necessarily call myself a fashionista, I've fallen off the bandwagon years ago when I started working in the music industry. Late nights and early mornings meant yoga pants all day. I will tell you that I love Fall weather the most because of the amount of layering and cozy clothes I could rock all day long! A few timeless styles that will NOT go out of season include boots, flannels, and sweaters. Sherpa jackets made a huge comeback last season and will probably remain a big trend into 2019. You can find an inexpensive option below!

6. Soup Season is back bitches! Get that Crockpot out of your pantry.

Guys, I've never been a big fan of soup until I lived in the snow and my body relied on it for survival. As mentioned, I'm lactose intolerant so those clam chowder, broccoli cheddar soups are not my friend. I'm obsessed with meaty, hearty broth soups like tortilla, jambalaya, chili, lentil and Vietnamese pho (MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!)... .any of that good stuff. I'm going to try a few soup recipes and more than likely write another blog post about my favorite soups. Stay tuned!

7. What the f*** is foliage???? Leaf Peeping?! Yeah, leaf-peeping was a new one for us too. Heres the definition according to Wikipedia because that seemed the most legit LMAO.

Leaf peeping is an informal term in the United States for the activity in which people travel to view and photograph the fall foliage in areas where leaves change colors in autumn, particularly in northern New England and the upper Midwest. An organized excursion for leaf peeping is called a foliage tour.

So moral of the story is, the leaves change and it's cool. There seems to be a huge trend of people who enjoy going on tours of places in New England and the Midwest to view the leaves or just "peep" them. I wouldn't say this outing is trending within the millennial generation but hey, it's only 2019, who knows!?

What I thought leaf-peeping actually consisted of...(see below)

8. Halloween costumes I've had a lot of handmade Halloween costumes thanks to my Aunt slaying on her sewing machine at some wild hours of the night. Not sure when it started but I love a good, creative costume and would love to make my costume more than purchasing a Halloween costume. I'm not saying I've never purchased a last-minute costume, I'd just prefer having a cooler costume than the being a slutty bunny, slutty teacher, slutty anything. I'll be making another blog post going over some Halloween costume ideas. Sean and I already have our costume in mind, just need some last-minute details. Let me tell you... it's going to be a good one!

9. Baking – pies, cakes cupcakes & more It's both a blessing and a curse that I absolutely LOVE sweets. Like I have a problem! Yes, my dentist told me I have a problem, I don't want to talk about that. I will tell you that once the weather gets cooler, I love finding any excuse to keep my oven going. The smell of baked cinnamon apples or chocolate brownies are lingering throughout my apartment. I LOVEEEE SWEETS! We recently found an amazing website for food and dessert recipes called I'm not being sponsored by Yummly, just a big fan of their recipes when Pinterest seems like a shot in the dark sometimes.

10. Football (“F*%! YEAH!”- Sean) There's something about the fall weather that screams football to me. Sean has dedicated his Sunday's strictly to working on grad school work and football... ALL. THE. FOOTBALL! If you happen to have a boyfriend obsessed with his fantasy league, listen up... that's a perfect time to get your self-care time in. Hair mask, face mask, teeth whitening, laundry, meal prep, self-tanning, weekly schedule, clothes for the work week, quick workout, clean house, reading etc. So although he's screaming in the living room, I'm being productive everywhere else and I kinda love that routine.

In conclusion, Fall is the best season ever because it's crisp in the mornings, the days are sunny and nights are cool. All you need is a light sweater before gearing up for the bullshit of winter around the corner. Get them layers out, grab some pumpkin spiced EVERYTHING, watch some football, find a new recipe on and go apple picking. Fall is the best! Let me know some fun traditions you have for the fall season! I'll leave you with that. Thanks, friends!