Travel Guide: Hudson Valley // Saugerties, NY

I've been craving a weekend getaway trip for the longest time. Due to COVID, my boyfriend and I have been stuck in our tiny little NYC apartment foreverrrr. For the sake of our sanity, we took a little *very safe* weekend getaway trip outside the big apple towards Upstate New York in the beautiful Hudson Valley. For any of my California friends out there, traveling to upstate NY is like taking a trip to Sonoma County from San Francisco. *just a short drive away* We've taken a few day trips to different small towns in the Hudson Valley before but we've never been to the town of Saugerties. Knowing that a lot of places were closed due to COVID, we planned our 2-day trip accordingly and I'll leave all the details of where we stayed, where we ate and what we did below.

Where did we stay? : Diamond Mills Hotel

We stayed at the Diamond Mills Hotel after doing a lot of research on where to stay in the area. We initially wanted to stay in an Airbnb but due to the pricing for larger cabins, we wanted something more intimate and decided on this hotel. Plus, LOOK AT THAT VIEW!!! The hotel is centrally located in the town of Saugerties, NY within the Hudson Valley. We drove up on a Sunday morning and stayed until Monday afternoon. The hotel was extremely COVID friendly and had guests staying rooms away from one another. On Monday morning we took a 5-minute walk to Main Street from the hotel to grab a cup of coffee. Most restaurants and shops are closed from Monday-Thursday so the only spot to grab a coffee that was still open was Blue Stone Roasting Co. (BTW their coffee was incredible!) They aren't a full restaurant/cafe, so if you're interested in a quick bite and coffee, this is the best place to go!

What we ate: The Tavern

On Sunday night we ate dinner at The Tavern located within the Diamond Mills Hotel. We read a lot of great blog posts about the town of Saugerties and EVERYONE recommended having dinner at The Tavern. We ate the seared crab cakes with cranberry pear chutney, a bottle of Oyster Bay Merlot, roasted salmon, and grilled NY strip steak. Highly recommend enjoying a nice dinner out at The Tavern, just know they do not have outdoor seating available so indoor dining is the only option. All tables were very distanced from the others so we did feel very safe eating here.

What did we do?

[SUNDAY] District 96 Brewery, City Winery Hudson Valley, Hudson Valley Brewery, Beacon

[MONDAY] Blue Stone Roasting Co., Inquiring Minds Bookstore, Saugerties Lighthouse, The Amsterdam, Home of FDR

On our drive up we stopped at City Winery Hudson Valley in Montgomery. We've been wanting to visit their location ever since we saw their Instagram page. It's such a cute location and although they only had their indoor seating open when we went to visit, we CANNOT WAIT to go back and visit in the warmer months.

City Winery Hudson Valley

District 96 Beer Factory

Next up was a quick beer stop at District 96 Beer Factory in New City, NY on the west side of the Hudson River just north of New Jersey. They are best known for their snake fruit juice and it's worth the trip to drive up and snag a 4-pack! They also share their location with The Burger Loft BTW their food is FIIIIIIIIIRRREEEEE!!!

We also made a quick stop at Hudson Valley Brewery in Beacon to pick up their Raspberry Oatmeal Silhouette and Blueberry Oatmeal Silhouette. Downtown Beacon is also one of the cutest little towns filled with thrift shops, small businesses, coffee shops, and cafes.

Just before we left the town of Saugerties, NY we stopped by Inquiring Minds Bookstore for any fun books or records. We found 3 amazing records; Billy Joel, The Beatles, and Nat King Cole. The book store was huge and was also a great way to give back to small businesses in the small town during COVID.

Next stop: Saugerties Lighthouse

If you're heading out to Saugerties, you have to stop by the Historic Lighthouse. The walk towards the lighthouse was so cute and a great activity to get out of the busy city. The lighthouse also operates as a bed & breakfast so if you're taking the hike towards the building, just know guests are staying there.

Where did we eat?: The Amsterdam

On our way back into the city, we made a quick stop to get a late lunch at The Amsterdam in Rhinebeck, NY. The Amsterdam is a busier restaurant offering seating inside and outside but make sure to have reservations ahead of time. We didn't have a chance to eat at the restaurant but we did take the food-to-go and it was incredible. The restaurant also offers a small shop which includes wine, beer, cheeses, small knick-knacks, and local treats. We stumbled upon this small town and it was absolutely adorable! Definitely, a larger (more happening) town than Saugerties so we can't wait to make a trip here in the next few months. Fun fact: President FDR lived a few miles away in the town of Hyde Park and you can visit his home. The tours are closed due to COVID but we definitely made a quick drive-by.

Overall, we absolutely love taking trips to Hudson Valley any chance we get. The scenery is definitely worth the drive out of the bustling NYC streets. On our next trip, we plan to stop by Woodstock, Rochester, and Syracuse. Stay tuned for more travel guides coming soon!!!