Aussie, Aussie, Aussie. Vance, Vance, Vance.

To his friends and family back in Australia, he is known as James Gabriel Keogh. To his thousands of fans around the world, he is singer and song writer; Vance Joy. The highly anticipated 'Nation of Two' World Tour kicked off in the Bay Area at the famous Greek Theatre in Berkeley the same weekend as Coachella Music Festival in Indio, CA. In the Bay, we like to call this magical time; Faux-chella. It occurs during the entire month of April when artists make their way in between their Coachella sets to play their own shows in the San Francisco Bay. We are lucky to not travel too far in order to get the same artists performing at the VVVVVVV expensive festival weekend and Vance Joy happened to be one of the AHHHH-MAZING artists kicking off the weekend of shows for us.

Let me first start by saying that I have seen this man perform about 6 times because of my job. He is an incredibly talented dude who also happens to be about 6'3" and a total BABE! Since seeing him for the first time in 2015, his stage presence and overall music growth has been pretty awesome to witness throughout the years. It's been super cool to see him now performing on his own large world tour, with the support act of Lovelytheband .

The 16 song set list did not disappoint one bit! Starting off with the first song on his newest album, 'Nation of Two' was the song, 'Call If You Need Me' played on an acoustic guitar. Mostly performing this Berkeley show with his acoustic guitar, he famously broke out his ukulele for songs from his first album, that fans of his have grown to love. You may recognize his claim to fame song, 'Riptide' off his first album, 'Dream Your Life Away' in which he performed while being the support act for Taylor Swift's 'The 1989 World Tour' in 2014. In 2015, the song 'Riptide' became Billboard's Top 30 song on the charts and became number 1 on the Alternative & Rock charts.

Beyond the good looks and swoony lyrics, Vance Joy has a law degree and was an aspiring Australian Football player before giving it all up to pursue his music career. It's hard not to drool a bit when watching him perform. But in all seriousness, the trajectory of his career is something to definitely keep your eye on. He talks in between his songs during the set which makes his music seem more personal to every single person in the audience. He's incredible and you need to listen up now!