What I learned from 2020 and what lessons I'm taking with me into 2021

2020 was a rough ride, amiright???? But in all seriousness, no one could’ve planned for the series of events that occurred during this past year. I know at times it truly felt like we were living in an awful episode of Black Mirror. I also know I can’t be the only one excited to ring in the new year.

Looking back, this past year taught me a lot about how to change and adapt to new environments. In essence, I truly thought I excelled in this because I’ve spent my entire life doing just that. Through job changes, moving into new apartments, awful break-ups, gaining new friendships, but I wasn’t as prepared as I thought. In 2020, despite the pandemic; I moved into a new apartment in February, my anxiety spiraled in March, I stayed at my boyfriend’s apartment in Queens, NY during the peak of NYC COVID spikes, I was laid off from my job in April, I started learning how to re-brand myself in May, I became extremely depressed, I applied for unemployment, I learned the life of a freelancer, I signed up for therapy, I started helping businesses and brands with social media marketing, I gained 40 pounds, I learned more about my autoimmune disorder, I got really homesick, I learned how to be a better advocate for Black lives, I donated to causes I believe in, I learned more about my personal finances, I went home to California for a month in September, I moved into a new apartment with my boyfriend in November and I spent the holidays in NYC for the second year in a row. (I realize that’s the longest run-on sentence ever, don’t come for me.)

If I learned ANYTHING from 2020, it’s that planning for the future cannot hold you back from actually getting shit done. As the infamous Ferris Bueller quotes goes, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” So I’ll leave you with this going into the future, remember to slow your life down a bit. Remember what matters the most in life. Put your mental and physical health first, keep your loved ones close, continue learning something new every day, expand your mind, and help other people. Do what makes YOU happy. Life is way too short to live an unhappy life so take that leap of faith!