Young, broke but never a hungry millennial!

Hey there fellow friends, family and hangry betches! It's no secret that living in New York City is expensive AF. (I feel like all of my posts may start out this way LOL) It's also no secret that I work in music and at this stage in my life I am open about not being a millionaire...YET! Okay hear me out, NYC is expensive but it doesn't have to be, you can do cool shit and still be thrifty! In this post, I'll give you a few tips and tricks on how to eat and drink without completely breaking the bank since you may be broke AF too. I'm not a nutritionist so I'm just going to tell you what I do to survive my own hangry phases.

Adult acne is also thing, not eating healthy WILL catch up to you, you will eat a bunch of bullshit when you're drunk on Friday night that you wouldn't dare touch during the week, if you're in a new relationship or even a comfortable one, you start to just eat a lot of Seamless or DoorDash pizza AND going out for dinner and drinks with your friends can seriously rack up your current credit card debt. Does this resonate with anyone or is it just me? If you have no idea what I'm talking about, just scroll on over to the next article because this is not for you. IF THIS DOES RESONATE, KEEP READING!!!!!!!

So here are my 5 tips to never going hangry in NYC when you're a broke millennial trying to pay off debt!


Water has amazing benefits beyond curbing your appetite better than those diet pills and teas that make you shit. It helps you lose weight, get rid of that acne and you should be drinking half a gallon of water a day! I always carry around my reusable CamelBak or Hydro Flask water bottles with me. Think of it as an investment because you only need one reusable water bottle so don't go overboard.

2. Check out free events!

Seriously, there are hundreds of free events happening in this big metropolitan city every single day many of which have free food and drinks just for attending. YES YOU HEARD ME CORRECTLY! There are a few amazing websites that will send you updated daily/weekly/monthly newsletters about cheap or free events happening near you!

Nifty NYC


Time Out New York

3. Meal Prep= create a weekly budget!

I make a large monthly trip to the grocery store and I budget myself about $80-$100 for everything! I'm only cooking for myself and coming from growing up in a big family, I never knew how to grocery shop for just myself. I was always buying things in bulk and then threw a lot of it away at the end of the week. I realized that frozen food was a FREAKING SAVIOR! Like I've said before, I absolutely refuse to go hungry so when I meal prep on Sunday's, I cook about 3 meals out of one dish. If I make chicken and veggies, I make enough that will last me for the entire week. I get bored of the same dish so if you are making chicken, try to make it look different for every meal. Try fajitas, chicken salad, chicken lettuce wraps? I go on Pinterest and look up some recipes before overwhelming myself in the kitchen.

4. Treat yourself!

I just moved to NYC and I definitely want to explore everywhere and see everything. My budget unfortunately doesn't allow me to be as flexible as I would like. I also know I can't deprive myself from having a social life, I just need to plan this out a bit better. I know that maybe once a week, I can afford to go out for one drink. So I plan to see friends or go out on a date. I also don't expect the guy to pay for my date every time. (I've gone out on a few dates where the 'gentlemen' don't even reach for their wallet, isn't that weird?!) I just plan to go to a concert for work and maybe grab a drink while I'm out, I need to budget for that.

5. Pack snacks!

I don't give a shit who you are or how many bags you may or not be carrying with you, always pack a snack! You will always see me with at least 2 cliff bars, gum and a banana in my purse because I've learned my lesson. Maybe a work meeting ends late, your train is delayed, your bank account has just bounced and you are STARVING. Never get to that starving point ever again, make sure you've packed snacks at work, in your bag, meal prepped so that when you get home you don't end up ordering DoorDash for the fourth time this week. Save your money, pack snacks

BONUS: work at a restaurant part-time!

So you need extra cash AND your hungry? Time to eat a big ol' piece of humble pie and maybe get a job at a restaurant! There's no shame in being a strong independent person who pays their bills on time. You can work a few nights per week, get some food that the restaurant would throw out and take some extra cash home. I've been working as a bartender/server since I was 19 and the extra $100+ cash each night helps when you really need it. Plus, you can meet a lot of really cool people and even get some amazing food to take home with ya. Like I said before, no shame in working to pay your bills.